Unity 5 - Asset store window stays black - Unity (not responding)


I installed Unity 5.0 Personal Edition on a 64bit Windows 8.1.

It seems impossible to get the Asset Store Window opened and working. When I try, I get a black window with the Asset Store tab on top…and Unity is seens as “Not responding” by Windows.

I already tried to untick the DirectX 11 checkbox from the Player Settings. I also tried launching Unity as Administrator.
I uninstalled Unity 5.0 and the former Unity 4.6.2 setups, cleaned the registry and the AppData folders then reinstalled Unity…

Is there anyone else having that issue?
Is there a workaround? Should I wait for an update?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


Go to c - users/YourName/Appdata folder and delete folders named unity inside these folders : Local,Roaming,Locallow this is the only solution that worked for me

Well…problem solved…
I re installed my machine from scratch!