Unity 5 bake normal map into lightmap

In Unity 4, when normal mapped objects are baked a with a single(non-directional) lightmap, the normal map detail is baked into the lightmap. This allows you to remove the normal map, but keep some detail at no extra performance cost.

This seems to no longer be the case with Unity 5. Is there any method to get this working? or is this not possible with enlighten?

Thanks in advance

I guess it’s just not possible anymore.
My workaround though, for anyone interested:

Create high and low poly meshes. The high poly must have the same lightmap uvs as the low poly, I use a multi resolution modifier so this is no issue (you can’t just generate the lightmap uvs in unity though, they must be done manually).

Bake the lightmaps with the high poly mesh, then switch to the low poly.