Unity 5 Cloth Colliders inflating mesh

Hey Everyone,

We are using the cloth component to get some dynamic motion in the clothing of our characters.

However as soon as we enter play mode we are having an issue where the colliders on the rig (whether sphere or capsule) are inflating or effecting vertices that have 0 on the Max Distance constraint:

Having this bug with unity 5.3.2f1 and a few of the previous versions.

After lengthy searching and trying every possible variation I am asking for help here.

Here is the in game mesh reacting to these colliders(I upsized the stomach collider so you could see the result):

I really hope someone knows what is going on haha.

@yant seemed to be the go to guy 6 months ago regarding cloth.

Kind Regards,


I don’t know a proper solution, it might not exist, but in your case, there is a simple workaround:
Make body and cape (or any other cloth) as two separate models with the same rig (armature). Apply cloth component and set collider only on cloth mesh.