Unity 5 Converting my game came to a Pause

Hello guys. Well I started up Unity 5 and then I wanted to try and open another one of my Game Projects so I can convert it and see how things would turn out. So I did that and now I’m having this weird problem. You know the little green bar that fills up as my game is getting converted.

Well For some odd reason it’s not moving from that spot. It just keeps saying “Compiling Scripts…” and Hold on. It’s been saying this about an hour and a half. Now I’m wondering. Is it really having trouble compiling the script? or am I experiencing some bug error? I don’t know what to do. Do I wait? Or do I just restart my Cpu so I can cancel it? Has anything like this happened to anyone before? I’m scared and confused.

Nvm i just started over and it continued just fine. Sorry about this. Closed.