Unity 5 Destroyed My Animations

Well this was an experience. I was up early today and ready to test out the new unity with my current project. After numerous problems with xcode and my subsequent older API’s (things like facebook failed to transfer right), I finally got everything running. Everything except the app’s animations.

I went into the editor to test the scene and found that everything was loading up, but nothing was animating into place. I went into the animator window to see, when highlighting one of the connectors, my boolean I had set, but no where else did I see where you can edit, delete, or add conditions that start animation loops.

I feel weird making a post like this. I gave up and reverted to 4.6.6, but I’m afraid that one day xcode won’t support builds from that version of unity. So what does one do when the animation system does not work for unity 5 where it did in unity 4? Am I missing something? Where is a better place to report something like this, especially when filing a bug report would seem strange when there is no bug (in the console log) to report. Just a scenario. Strange. I need direction and some answers, and I couldn’t think of anywhere else to go.


if i understand you right than you want to know how you can create the custom parameters for your transitions. I think they changed the location a little in the interface.

Is it that what you wanted to know?