Unity 5 Directional Specular Lightmap not working

As I started to experiment with the new graphic features of version 5, noticed, that specular reflections, that seem OK in the editor, do not appear neither the x86 nor the 64 bit version of the windows build. The scene is lighted by several emissive surfaces using prebaked GI. Also noticed, that in the Lighting tab, at the General GI section where the specular lightmap need to be set, there’s a warning message, that SM2.0 and GLES2.0 doesn’t support this feature.
I’m sure that my VGA supports SM2.0 (GTX750), no idea about GLES2.0
Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

This issue is now fixed in 5.2. Thanks for letting us know about it!

NVIDIA GTX750 definitely supports the features needed for directional specular lightmaps. It sounds like you hit a bug, I have created a case on this.