Unity 5 - "Disable Analytics (Pro Only)"

What does Disable Analytics (Pro Only) option in “Other Settings” in Player Settings do?

To send or not to send any analystics data should be an option while installing the Unity Editor.
( And please an option to create or NOT to create a desktop icon for the Unity Editor…! )

That it is enabled by default to send data to UT is just terrible and scary!

In Unity 5.0, clicking on “Disable Analytics (Pro Only)” disable the collection for device hardware information.

Unity collects this data for internal purposes to help us analyze game performance on various devices and the kinds of hardware your games are being installed upon. This data is valuable to us as it helps us make better informed decisions when making improvement to the Unity engine, tackling bug fixes, and assessing problem areas.

How does this actually all work? Well any time a Unity game is installed on a device, the game submit anonymous hardware details. This is done only once. See the privacy policy for what exactly gets sent. We compute statistics of this information. This can be incredibly helpful for Unity game developers in helping them to make good content decisions and optimize performance of their games.

For more detail, and to benefit from this intelligence yourselves, check out the Unity Hardware Statistics page here: http://stats.unity3d.com/.

As of the moment, this checkbox is unrelated to the Unity Analytics product. Usage of this feature and data collection for it is currently only done through integration of the SDK. If you’re interested in this free service, be sure to check out our open beta! Unity Analytics integration is quick and easy. We quickly reveal the high level metrics you need to know about the players in your game. For more information - Unity - Manual: Legacy Analytics

I believe that it means that the app won’t send data to Unity. I’m not sure what all is in their analytics, but I’d assume it’s game id, some hardware info, crash logs, etc.