Unity 5 Display Text


I started to use and learn Unity and saw that Unity has an new version wich is version 5.0.0
I first started to make the “Roll-A-Ball” game project and followed the tutorial.
I finaly got to Lesson 7 “Displaying Text” and the tutorial used GUI Text in Unity 4.6 (cant remember the exact version)but i am using Unity 5 and Unity 5 dosen´t have the GUI anymore.

I Searched for the word “GUI” in the Scripting API and found the sentence:
“Property guiText has been deprecated. Use GetComponent() instead. (UnityUpgradable)”

I am an beginner in Unity Scripting. I am using “C Sharp” language in scripting.
Can someone help me with a script or lead me to an tutorial/forum or where i can go on with the making of the “Roll-A-Ball” game.

Best Wishes,

Hi Kevin,

This is what I used to start learning, is should get you started on the UI aspect.

Learn the new UI youtube Videos

I found this: How do you reference a Text on a Canvas - Unity 4.6 GUI - Unity Answers

And this is work :slight_smile:

Using UnityEngine.UI;

public Text CountText;