Unity 5 doesn't show up 'Any iOS Device' option for Unity Remote 4

Basically there’s no ‘Any iOS Device’ except ‘Any Android Device’ and ‘None’ options. Have done everything in the Unity Remote section of the manual.
Unity Remote 4 is not compatible with Unity 5?

Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9.5, Unity 5.0.0f4
Tried it with iPad 3, iOS 8.1.3


I finally got this to work. Ensure you plug your usb into a usb 2.0 on your computer than you will have the option to select ios through editor → device.

Had the problem with Remote 5. Upgraded to latest unity and added ios build package. latest itune installed but not running on my Win 10 OS. Dunno exactly what did the trick. Spent a few hours on this… Hope it will help.

It worked for me once I plugged in my iOS device with the Remote app running and Unity open. My iPad prompted me to “Trust this computer?” and then my iOS device showed up in the editor settings.