Unity 5 Download AssetBundles from server via URL.

Hi I’m using unity 5 to generate AssetBundles. The Editor will generate files like AssetBundles, AssetBundles.manifest, myasset ,and myasset.manifest. Notice that the .unity3d file is no longer available… I’m working on Macbook Pro.

So what I did is upload all these files to OneDrive, make it public, and get the URL link.

When I download it by using WWW, I get the message of

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

What is the file that I need to download? The folder that contains all the assetBundles files? All just point to the AssetBundles? or the myasset file?

Please help. Thank you.

I am assuming that myasset is the gameObject you have made into an Assetbundle. In that case, your url should refer to that file.


I’m not using Assetbundle in unity5. But while searching on google found this link, Hope it will help you.