unity 5 game 2.5 trouble jumping

hi, i have this trouble with code o somethin my player when jump start fallin slow.
i sumit an imagen of the components and my code of jumping

my code is:

if((Input.GetButtonDown(“Jump”) || Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) && grounded == true)

     GetComponent<Rigidbody>().velocity = new Vector3(0.0f, jumpForce, 0.0f);

also change it to

GetComponent().AddForce(new Vector3(0, jumpForce,0));

but nothing happnes please help thanks

Try GetComponent().velocity = new Vector2(GetComponent().velocity.x,jumpForce);

Ok right now finally found my mistake i dont know if the trouble is in my special case but i found the error

just to know the trouble was in the animator componet it was check the “Apply Root Motion”
and my code is good