Unity 5 - good parameters for vehicle

I have a problem with colliders. First - stats:
mass= 1000
motor torque= 5000
steer angle = 25

wheel colliders:
mass= 25
radius= 0.5
wheel damping rate=0.25
suspension distance = 0.5
force app point distance=0.1

Suspension spring
Spring = 35000
Damper = 3500
Target position = 0.1

Forward friction
Extremum slip:0.5
Extremum value:1
Asymptote slip: 0.8
Asymptote value:0.5

Sideways friction
Extremum slip:0.2
Extremum value:1
Asymptote slip: 0.75
Asymptote value:1

The problem is sliping. My car wheels rotating to infinite, but acceleration is about ~2m/s I want to have a car with ~100% friction, almost no sliping, for high speed and acceleration. I tried to handle with every param, but I cannot do it work correctly.
I know there is a car in standard assets, but this code isn’t looking good for me and I want to do in other, standard way. Is there a possibilty, without a hacks in code, to work those wheels like real one?
If somebody have good model, with parameters,
I would be pleased for used statistics.
What I did wrong (parameters, ground?)

Setting up a usable car is really tricky, The setup also depends on the position and size of wheels and the car body, and if you’re just reading the Unity manual you’ll miss a really important thing: Stabilizer bars

In a game I made in Unity 5.1.2 I have…


Mass: 1500

Drag: 0

Angular drag: 0.05

Max motor torque: 400

Max steering angle: 10


Mass: 20

Radius: 0.23

Wheel damping rate: 0.25

Suspension distance: 0.1

Force app… : 0

Center: 0,0,0

Suspension spring
Spring: 100000
Damper: 2000
Target position: 0.5

Forward and Sideway friction
1 in everything except Stiffness, with 5

Also, for the stabilizer bars:
Anti roll: 10000