Unity 5 GUI crashes android

Hi I just met with this issue, and can’t figure out if it’s a unity bug, or a setting problem.
I tried to build my game (made in unity5 so there shouldn’t be a version problem) to my android tablet. the game crashes right after unity logo appeares.

I figured out the GUI system occurs this crash. I tested buttons and texts, both of them crashed. If there is an empty canvas the program starts and runs well.

What could be a problem here? Previously I worked with 4.6 and I could run a game with the gui system on android without any problem. Did this gui changed in 5?

I found the problem and was connected with this issue: Unity Issue Tracker - Android crash: Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) on some devices

The solution was to add the UI/Default and UI/Default Font shaders to the Always Included Shaders list under the Project Settings → Graphics

go to Edit > Project Settings > Graphics

in Always Included Shaders add two shaders
UI/Default Font