Unity 5 GUI fllickering, artefacts on Android

Hey guys,
i am using Unity 5.2.2f1 and testing on an Galaxy S3 mini running Android 4.2.2.
I am displaying gui elements using unitys new ui system. Unfortunately the UI produces screen flickering and artefacts every 4-5 seconds when interacting. I am having a canvas in screen space overlay with several gameobjects in it. Flickering occurs especially when opening/activating ui elements. This is really frustrating and the only thing preventing me from release. I did not find any solution online to my problem.

Please help me out.

I finally solved it!!!
i installed unity 5.0, this did solve the problem, no flickering or artefacts.
it is definetly a unity bug so for those of you looking for a solution for unity 5.1 or 5.2 i am sorry i did not find a way to get it to run on those versions

The bug has been fixed in Unity 5.3.4f1. I had a similar problem on my Samsung S3 mini (Android 4.2.2). The UI was flickering or the game just crashed. I can confirm that the new release has fixed the issues.