Unity 5 - how to instal Beast Lightmapping back?

So Unity 5’s lightmapping sucks - it crashes on any large object, shows abysmall quality of lightmaps and precomputed GI is useless, as only high-end PCs could handle it properly (everything I do is baked).

I’m not gonna ask “how to make it work?” as I’m waaay past that. Now, I just want the Beast back.

How or from where can I install it again, maybe as an addon or something?

There is currently no native / easy way to reintegrate the beast lightmapper into the unity workflow.
The unity team is / was discussing how to deal with that topic but currently there is no public announcement that they plan to bring the beast lightmapper back.

You would need to buy a separate license for the best lightmapper (or maybe you are able to use the unity 4.x beast binaries) and integrate it yourself. Anyway it not easy at all. Unity 5 is not build for working with beast.

Removign Beast was a complete fail. I’m seriously dissapointed. Switched back to 4.7, Light computing takes forever in unity 5.

I also second this, the graphical quality that I have been able to achieve with beast is incredible.
I used Unity4 and beast for a while but as time went on it began to fall further behind in features and asset store items became exclusive to the 5 series.

I have yet to find anyone praising the new lighting system, let alone anyone actually using it, the results I got were a joke and baking times took a long time. I am seeing videos of people showing amazing things yet all of them seem disconnected from practicality.

Is it really that hard to be able to have beast work within Unity 5, after all its just a texture that is ultimately generated right?

I do agree. Beast was for more simplier and lighter.
I don’t understand why baking is sometimes so long and so buggy