Unity 5 illumination - room being lit even though all other lights inactive in scene


I’m very close to my deadline - but I really can’t figure out the unity 5 illumination system.

I have this model of the inside of a portacabin, when I import it into a new scene it appears like image 1, and is lit correctly.

However, when I import it into my scene (which has 2 other terrains in it) - it is much lighter. This is even though I have set a culling mask on all the other lights in the scene to not light this room model, and then also set everything in this scene to inactive, so there’s nothing active except for the room model.

Does anyone know why the room is being lit to be much lighter - even though there is nothing active in the scene?

Best, Laurien

Unity always has at least one directional light on by default. Try turning off all the directional lights and turn them back on one by one until you get to your desired effect.

These options affect lighting of the objects:

  • Standard lights
  • Ambient light (Lighting > Scene > Environment Lighting > Ambient Intensity)
  • Environment reflection (Lighting > Scene > Environment Lighting > Reflection Intensity)
  • Emissive materials, when Lighting > Scene > Precomputed Realtime GI or Baked GI are enabled

Here you can find a comprehensive summary of Unity 5 lighting: