Unity 5 image effects

Hi ,I came to ask can camera image effects be used in Unity 5 personal edition and still be able to build your game with them or there is 30 days trial after they become locked? I belive Unity 5 personal edition is same as Unity 4 free but I didnt got message about 30 days trial with pro stuff yet I am able to use image effects in my scene.

Unity 5 unlocked the entirety of what used to be “Pro-Only” features. Now you can use Image Effects to your heart’s content. I believe you can also use Off-Mesh Links and probably the Profiler, although I haven’t tried either one yet.

Unity Pro now is better if you want to work in teams, plus it gives you access to betas and prioritizes any bugs you find. The full comparison of what Unity Pro now gets you can be found here. Note the very first thing on the list: Engine with all features.