Unity 5 import Shader changed to Standard from Diffuse


I am loading 3d models (fbx) as assetbundles in my Unity Windows app. I am trying to upgrade my Unity 4.3 project to Unity 5.2.1. I am seeing a color difference in the models in Unity 5. They are darker than the previous version.

When I compared the two versions, it looks that the objects that had the Shader as Diffuse in 4.3 now coming as Standard in the 5.2. I guess this is happening when importing the model (when creating the asset bundle).

Please let me know how I can fix this issue. I have to hundreds of models that I am importing to Unity 5.2. So manually changing them is not an option.

I have attached a sample to show the color difference.



You can dynamically swap shaders to your liking via script. So once you load the object from the assetbundle, just assign the shader you want.