Unity 5 input field unable to store user input

Hi all, I recently updated unity to unity 5 and now I trying to create a scene with multiple InputField which allow user to register an account for the game.

But I struggled as the behaviour of InputField is weird. When I run the scene in the editor everything is working fine and I am able to capture the input text. But when I deploy it to an Android device, when the user tapped on the InputField the virtual keyboard will shown and the user could start key in the text. But after that, whenever user press on “OK” button that come with the InputField or “Done” button from the virtual keyboard, the InputField will either become empty or showing the PlaceHolderText that indicate the InputField is empty and I unable to capture any string value from the InputField.

Any suggestion or solution will be appreciated.


Try using search:

Please get the latest version - 5.0.2 should be available at the moment.