Unity 5 Install failure for Example Project

I just downloaded and installed the new release of Unity 5 (replacing my Unity 4) using the download assistant. I had checked to included the Example Project. Everything went smoothly until the Example Project download. I got the following error message:

Error ‘SendRequest Error’ while downloading Example from http://netstorage.unity3d.com/unity/5b98b70ebeb9/WindowsExampleProjectInstaller/UnityExampleProjectSetup.exe

I clicked Retry several times to no avail. I finally clicked Ignore which canceled me out of the download assistant. Unity 5 opened without any problems, but the Example Project files are unavailable. Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, what is the solution to get the Example Project files?


I had a similar experience with my mac… I choose all the components in the “Download assistant”, but when the installation was over the sample project wasn’t there. So i (mistakenly?) re-executed the download assistant to install the sample project and the sample project is present on my disk but i can’t open the project (there are the folders, but there isn’t a single project file)