Unity 5 lighting issue with modular elements

I have tried to search all around google and Unity - But without any luck. My problem is, that I get these weird light/shadow differences on modular level pieces. Everything snaps and fits perfectly together - And before Unity5 I didnt have this problem.

I have tried increasing atlas sizes, pack margin, realtime resolution, custom lightmaps and different parameters. The pack margin seems to have an influence and changes the visibility of the problem a bit when changed to different values. The same goes for the realtime resolution - Where it seems that the issue is smaller the smaller the resolution is set to.

I have spent so many hours on this without any breakthrough! If anyone have some good ideas, I would be forever greatful! :smiley:

Images of the issue and my light settings:
alt text
alt text

anyone has found a solution for that problem? I am just facing the same behavior…

Here is a thread I started later on with the same issue as well as other enligthen issues - Maybe you can find something useful from the post: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/wierd-blotches-from-emission-inconsistency-in-gi-on-level-elements.339342/

Other than that I found out that combining my modular level elements into bigger chunks removed the artefacts. Not exactly a proper fix, but it got rid of the artefacts - So thats my pipeline for our level design from now on :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Best, QuasiHobo

I’ve spent a great deal on this problem and I think I found a fix.

It seems that my imported game objects even with normal flipped correctly does some strange stuff with lighting.

Try calculating the normals when you import the gameobject instead of leaving them. I noticed all my gameobjects stitch up like one single object would. Also keep the smoothing angle around 60, if it’s too high it brings the shadows back.