Unity 5 Networking, isMine Equivelent?

Simple question but i can’t seem to find the answer, though this could just be poor phrasing on my part

I’ve recently started converting an old project from Old Deprecated NetworkView System to unity 5’s new built in networking, I’ve got it all working to the point that my players are spawned into the world

but what i can’t work out is how to check ownership of the players before doing something else

in this particular instance im trying to check that a player is owned by the user before activating its scripts for control and movement, I used to be able to achieve this with a simple check of the NetworkView Component and can’t work out an equivelent to this

the script i was using before just looked like this

void OnEnable() {
if(networkView.isMine) {
 Activate(); // and this would just foreach a list of scripts to switch on.

How would i achieve this using the built in Networking that comes with unity 5?
– edit : or check in any way that the user is the players owner.

Found out, would remove but odds are this is going to be something that comes up often so i’ll answer instead.

using UnityEngine.Networking; // to access the new networking features

		if (GetComponent<NetworkIdentity>().isLocalPlayer) {
 // above is true if its the users player.