Unity 5 Networking, Where do I place UPID?

I was gone from Unity for a little while and have returned. It used to be within Unity 5.1 I would just go to edit>Project Settings>Player and place my project UDIP within the ID line. I no longer see where my UPID is supposed to be placed now. Can anyone catch me up to date on how it works? I already checked the tutorial but didn’t see mention of it apart from I get the UPID from their website.

“The project ID is set up manually in this version of Unity, you can find the field for it in the Player settings (Edit → Project Settings → Player). Visit https://multiplayer.unity3d.com and set up your project manually and create a Multiplayer configuration for it. When viewing the configuration you’ll be able to see the ID (it’s called UPID right now in a 12345678–1234–1234–1234–123456789ABC format).”

This was written for 5.1 and we are currently on 5.3 which I believe is my problem. Thanks in advance!

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