Unity 5- "no Monobehaviour scripts in the file" message

It seems Unity 5 does not like any scripts that don’t derive from Monobehaviour- my editor scripts, along with any custom classes and the like, don’t seem to be compiling. All of these scripts have the message- no monobehaviour scripts in the file, or their names do not match the file name. This occurs with the example project editor scripts as well. I’ve done a bit of searching, and re-installed Unity with the downloader, but so far I’m quite at a loss. Thanks so much for your help!

It would seem that I was mistaken- the message “no monobehaviour scripts in the file” does appear on all classes not inheriting from monobehaviour, but they do compile. My scriptable object came un-associated from it’s custom inspector, and that made me think the scripts were not functioning. I re-generated the scriptable object and it is now functioning correctly.

Happen to me as well. It was super annoying. The fix was weird as hell. I had a help class at the top of the file. This help class was basically a touple with two public variables - nothing wrong with it. Except when I moved it other file all started to work again.