Unity 5 OnTriggerEnter Change scene, Not working

Essentially im attempting to create a gameobject, make it a trigger, and have the first person controller, the new one from unity 5 by the way, go into and change from the current scene to a different one.

When i try to add this script to my empty gameobject, it tells me it is an editors script and cannot be added to the empty game object, i want to know how to either fix this, or get around this.

personally, this is especially frustrating because its only since unity 5 has this been a problem for me, in fact, with scripting having a complete overhaul, the code is unnecessarily longer.

I had same issue and I had to set both of my colliding Gameobjects on the “CollisionLayer”. Then it worked :wink:
I don’t know if this is a new feature of Unity5 but I can tell I spent most of the day searching for a solution…
Hope that helps…