Unity 5 - Particle Systems with Prewarmed Particles not working properly


I just installed U5 and all my particle systems which have ‘Prewarm’ checked are bugged. The prewarmed particles mess up the ‘Shape’ property completely. All particles which are being emitted after those ‘initial’ ones are working perfectly fine.

To better understand what i mean, take a look at this screenshot (the large blue lines are my particles, the little blue frame is my Shape, the particles should be emitted all across the Shape, but they are not. They are not centered either, which is strange (this means the Shape module is not completely ignored, because turning off the Shape module centers them to local 0,0,0).):

If anyone has a solution for this, please tell me, you would make my day!

Fixed in 5.2.1F1

EDIT: Not fixed in 5.2.2

EDIT2: Partly fixed in 5.3.1
Particle Simulation Space set to Local is fixed, set to World is NOT fixed

Hey, it’s been a while, but I’ve found a proper solution. Setting the duration of a looped particle system with prewarm enable to well longer than the default time (10s worked for me) then a lot of bugs involved with Prewarm are resolved. This is most likely due to prewarm only simulating the system for the amount of time specified in Duration.