[Unity 5] Quick Accessors (.rigidbody2D), minimum app size, and mobile licenses?

I just had a couple questions regarding Unity 5’s release. I noticed in the changelog that it said that quick accessors have been removed, and to use GetComponent() instead, does this apply to all .rigidbody2D’s and similar commands? Will it need to be changed manually or can it be done automatically?

Also, does Unity 5 have the same licenses as Unity 4? I mean, will I be able to export to iOS and Android for free still? (mobile licenses)?

Lastly, what is the minimum size an exported app will be? I recall that Unity 4 exported a blank iOS app at around 5MB (Unity Pro), and without stripping about 11MB (non-Pro). What are the new sizes?

Thanks! I hope I can use the new update, it looks like there’s a lot of great improvements!

Yes. Manually. No. Yes. Depends on what features you use - an empty PC build is around 25Mb.