Unity 5 remote not working thogether with Cardboard VR

Is it possible to use Unity Remote 5 with Cardboard VR ? I am trying to find solution for days, but everywere there are unanswered questions or solitions for an old Cardboard VR sdk and Unity Remote 4. It’s hard to believe I am the only developer that needs badly this feature. This is fundamental for almost every mobile VR projects.

Not sure what you did but to always make your buttons work call the variable that it uses…

Use this to easily see what button/joystick it uses

For more information, your button variable should look like this.
KeyCode ButtonA = KeyCode.Joystick7;

{//script here}

Maybe I was not enough precise when I asked my question. I mean Unity Remote 5, as the mobile app that can mirror the editors game view onto the mobil device screen and send its inputs back to Unity editor.

My problem is that head tracking is not sent back to editor (so Camera not moving as I rotate the device), what would be very uiseful for fast testing cardboard apps.