Unity (5) Scene camera Clipping

Not really close to this cube and my camera clips through the ground.

You can adjust the scene view camera clipping range by selecting the object you like to work with and press “F” to fucus it.

Had the exact same problem and figured out the Scene View camera is zoomed out too far. The fix. Zoom out, then use the WASD keys(or however else you want to move the camera without zooming) to move
the camera back toward what you want to be looking at, toward the thing(s) that were previously being clipped out of view. You’ll more than likely need to do this multiple times before the clipping is adjusted
to the desired value.

I know it’s old, but I found this easily while searching for an answer and for me the problem was that i accidentally set the camera into an isometric view. Everything seemed off, and it was, but that was also locking the camera’s clipping plane to some ugly degree and prevented me from scrolling around using the Right-Mouse.

The top-right with the plane-swap control thingy is where this is located. Directly beneath it where you see “Persp” is might say “Iso”. (Of course, these are Perspective and Isometric). Clicking the text will swap between the two.