Unity 5 skybox lighting bug

Hello, I was playing around in unity 5 this morning and stumbled upon a bug(or atleast I think that its a bug).

Whenever I load a scene with a skybox enabled the lighting changes dramatically.

The code used in my video is simple, I just reload the loaded level when I press space:

    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space))

Here is a video that demonstrates it. My question is, is this a bug, and is anyone able to reproduce this?

Try set up “baking light” in Directional light. choose “mixed” or “realtime”, hope helpful

This appears to be the result of a Unity bug caused by loading a scene during a specific event (one report says that this occurs when loading in Awake(); I haven’t tested it.) There’s a pretty simple workaround; call DynamicGI.UpdateEnvironment(); explicitly. It’ll tell Unity to update lighting settings.

Probably want to do this exactly once, right before the load screen goes away.