Unity 5 - Sliding Rigidbodies with maximum friction

Hi. I have a problem with Unity 5 with physics. In Unity 4.5 the problem didn’t exist. When I place Rigidbodies on one another they slide down even when they have maximum friction. Sometimes when I put an object at an angle of ~30 degrees it behaves like it is supposed to and stay on its position. But sometimes even when the object is in the level, at angle of ~0.1 degrees it slides down. How can I solve this issue? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I made my own physics system and that was the only way I could fix it.

@Niko278 @plavelle @kekeoki @Serhii Horun

Had the same issue, it drove me crazy, but I found solution

Edit > Project Settings > Physics

Solver Iteration Count: at least 10 (I use 15)