Unity 5 standard shader individual uvs per texture?

Hello, in the Unity5 Standard Shader I can not find the ability to select different UVs for different textures (quite standard feature in every 3D modeling software); this defficiency makes the new Standard Shader unusable in many cases.

Is there any simple way to adjust the Standard Shader to allow to use for example different UV1 set for Albedo Map and UV2 for Emission Map?

Similar situation as with shared setting for texture tilling - in “old” shaders it was possible to set tilling individually per texture…

This issue has been already mentioned here:

I still do not believe that such a simple and ommon thing has been left out; so if I am just missing something, please be so kind and let me know…:slight_smile:

I’m also stuck into that problem. and i think that the only way to do what you want is to create your own .Shader with ShaderForge or Amplify Shader Editor.