Unity 5 Terrain Collider Problem.

So I just got unity 5 and a added a Terrain and pit some hills to make it look nice but when I tested it for collision there where some places where I could go through the hills and in some places you can collide with invisible hills. what I think is happening is that the collider is rotated for some reason. Dose any one know how to fix this?

Save your Data and it workes :smiley:

its ugly but do it have fun and work fine

Fix it by saving the scean then wala it is fixed. It is a bug but you can work around it by saving your scean.
I hade the same problem then I figured it out so hope it works for you

check that your terrain colider was not moved down in the hierarchy, because i had the same problem it seams that what happens is that if the terrain colider is not in a specific place it will default out the terrain info it had stored thus the collision gets borked

5.3 I can’t get this to function, any help would be awesome!!


  1. export raw, import raw
  2. new terrain map, also went into debug mode and made sure it was the pointing to the new terrain map
  3. saved scene, saved project
  4. reverted looking for when both the visual and collider matched
  5. options, start over with a terrain object, but then I have to retexture…