unity 5 terrain shaders

I just moved my game to unity 5 and the terrain used to have a specular sparkle look to it in the light. It was sparkling sand. Now the specular shader looks incredibly flat. The terrain is not sparkling at all anymore. On top of that some particles wont render if they are close to the terrain. I know the shading was switched to PBR, but is there no way to get the sparkling effect back? also what shader should I use for a slash attack sprite that I want to alpha fade out. I was using particles alpha blend but this shader wont render in certain positions anymore…

No, there never has been and never will be. Jk you can add specular with an shader like Relief Terrain Pack or such. There never was a built in specular map support but a new terrain system has been confirmed: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/official-new-terrain-system.255232/

For the old v4 specular terrain shader, select Built-In Legacy Specular. And yes, you can write your own terrain shaders - select Custom.


Ok I figured it out. I was using code to change the material type. The code in unity 4 for this only needs the line.
terr.materialTemplate = (Material)Resources.Load (“materials/sand”);

But in unity 5 I had to change it to this
terr.materialType = Terrain.MaterialType.Custom;
terr.materialTemplate = (Material)Resources.Load (“materials/sand”);
just a simple API change