Unity 5 Tree and Terrain problem

So I just upgraded my game to Unity 5 and the terrain textures are all messed up and the trees are reflective when it’s completely dark. When all the lights are turned off, you can still see white spots all over the screen that are unlit.

Here are some screenshots
The terrain texture problem:

The reflective trees

Does anyone know what might’ve caused this and how to fix it?
I made a backup beforehand, so I can always downgrade back to Unity 4

I cannot be sure, but if I have to guess it’s the new default material. Try to tweak it a little bit You shold be able to fix trees. And the problem with terrain textures is probably just the scaling/tiling of your texture. Try to remove all the textures and add them again.

Just change the standard shader to a legacy shader. Its one of the drop down menu choices. I had similar problems and sorted it for me