Unity 5 trees have white dots...

Why are there white dots in the trees in unity 5? No matter what tree package I download from the asset store, same thing. No matter what shader those trees are using, same thing. White dots when the trees are somewhat close to the camera, and when the trees are further away the white dots go away. Been working all day trying to get rid of those white dots, nothing works. Unity v5.

Did you try disabling anti-aliasing in the Project Settings/Quality/Anti Aliasing?

You can make the white spots go away by playing around with the ambient occlusion settings on the tree shader.

go to the terrain settings and disable “bake light propes fo” and all white circle will go

hope it works :wink:

i fixed it by turning the specular color of the texture to black instead of white.

you cant even see them when they are black but when they are white they stand out

For people still running into this issue in 2022, I added a rather detailed comment with a potential solution. At least in my case, it made ALL the white sparks disappear in the Unity Editor: Unity Issue Tracker - [Deferred] Trees created using Tree Creator generate white spots with deferred rendering path