Unity 5 UI Button OnClick

I’m sorry if this is covered somewhere else but I can’t find it. I am seeing tons of tutorials for Unity 4.6 and some for 5 with the new UI system and the button options look like this in unity:


But when I add a UI button in the canvas I get options like this:

Why does my OnClick look different and how can I use this OnClick? Say I create a function in JS:

function QuitGame(){

Where can I add this function option to a button? I see how many people do it in the first picture with the tutorials but I don’t see my version of the Unity interface being used at all. Is this a Pro vs Private version difference?

That was it, wow thanks for the help. From @fffMalzbier

Your inspector is in Debug mode. On the top right of the inspector is a small button with a drop-down menu. Select Normal to get to the normal inspector view.

For the tutorials, unity 5 has just whet public so tutorials that use unity 5 are quiet rare at the moment. But the UI has not change much since 4.6 so unity 4.6 UI tutorials should be fine. Unity has some nice tutorials them-self Unity Connect

As you see in the image solution is to click on Normal Option
Thanks goes to @powersjo