Unity 5 UI inputfield doesn't work on iOS?!

What’s up guys? CodingNoob here with another issue!^^°

So this time it’s about Unity’s new UI inputfield, which apparently doesn’t work on iOS for some reason. I got my project which works well so far on desktop, but on iOS, as soon as I want to change the value of an inputfield, it doesn’t anymore. What happens? Well, the iOS keyboard shows up as expected, but for some reason I cannot change the value :frowning: I can tip on the delete key, try to type new numbers, everything, but it doesn’t change :confused:
The inputfields are all set to Decimal Numbers…

Any idea what this issue is related to?

This is happening to us on Android, too. We also have deadlines approaching, so if anyone knows of a solution I would be grateful to see one.

Sometimes (roughly once in every five or six) it works.