unity 5 UI. text not visible

Hi, I’ve got 5 differents android tablet. On my nexus 7, I’m not able to see the Ui.Text. It’s look good on my 3 samsung and my lenovo. A bit confusing, because I can see that everything work, but not on this tablet. Any idea why the text is not visible?


Which language are you using to display the text?
I’ve had a similar issue when trying to display Hebrew text on a GalaxyTab device.

I ended up using another font (not the default Arial one) and it solved the problem, so I’m guessing the device doesn’t have all the character sets for all the different languages embedded with it.

Right now, I wrote my stuff in french. But for some words, that make no difference. I’ve changed the language of the tablet to english, still no UI text. I don’t use the default font. I just don’t understand how my other tablet are ok and not this one.