Unity 5 .. Unity Remote 4.0 Not Working !!

Hi …
i am using unity 5 … and unity 4.0 remote app …on My Xperia j device …

but … when i plug in the device i see this error


any one can help Me… Thanks

Try to check and uncheck the Mobile Input. Maybe thats it? And if not check if there is a ny update on unity 4.0 remote, it may just be a really small but. Anyways hope you figure it out!

I get the same error, but your prolem is not this. When my phone isn’t plugged in, i still get the error. The steps:

  1. Edit - Project Settings - Editor - Device: Any android device
  2. Save project. Exit Unity.
  3. Plug in your cable to the PC and the Phone too
  4. Start Remote 4 on phone
  5. Start Unity on PC and press play. Now you should see it.

The sequence is important. You need to set the phone first, and after it you can start Unity.

For people searching a new version, it’s not free, but it does work with unity 5