Unity 5 water extremely laggy?

I’m working on a project that requires a lot of water. I would use the old water but the new unity 5 water is so perfect. BUT it’s so small and when I attempt to make it bigger it looks terrible so I scale it a bit and copy and paste it a bunch of times since I’m not able to scale it. I can’t even paste it all before the scene viewer lags terribly, oddly enough the game itself doesn’t? If anyone could give me a easier way to do this without it being so terribly laggy.

The displacement script that makes the waves in the water and wont change correctly with scaling. What you need to do is create more children on the water object, and make more tiles. Just duplicate the existing ones and move them to make a larger area of water to use.

(Vertex snapping may help you out with moving the planes, explained on this page lower down: Unity - Manual: Position GameObjects)

This will be more efficent as what you tried before as this is technically only one water object but with more meshes that it can work with.