unity 5 wheel collider problem

hello everybody!ı m use unity 5.ı add wheel collider in the game object but ı dont see wheel collider .I radius the size but does not appear[41983-adsız.jpg|41983]

Probably it needs a rigidbody

By your picture it looks like the object could be really far away. Too far to see the collider. Press F to zoom in on it.

hi man, first sorry if you cant understand some sentences i dont speak english, you need a rigidbody and almost one collider (box collider etc)i recomend to use a mesh collider, select all the parts of your model one by one and apply a mesh collider and later check the convex box, the wheel colliders need the rigidbody because they need a mass and another more properties from this one, and the collider (mesh) because they extract the CM (center of mass) from there.

hope can help.

this is the example