Unity 5 will run normally in Win10?

I have to ask, I haven’t seem this question so ill ask:

Unity 5 will run normally in Windows 10? I looking for win 10 Upgrade but I dont want to do it and then get trolled opening Unity.

If you’re looking for stability then I would advice you to wait a few months until all major bugs have been fixed by MS.

Since Windows 10 will include DirectX 12 (which is awesome) I think Unity will be confirmed ‘ready’ for Windows 10 when they also add support for DX12. As far as I am aware this is currently not the case, there are plans on implementing this however: Staying ahead with DirectX 12 | Unity Blog

A friend of mine is running Windows 10 (beta) and has Unity installed, never heard any complaints from him about this combination.

Well in some cases it won’t work on win 10.