Unity 5's xCode build..... SUCKS?

I am having trouble getting almost everything in unity 5 to run right.

It got to the point where I made an empty scene, just to build it and get it to run in xcode. That empty scene gave me SIX HUNDRED AND EIGHTY ONE ISSUES. 681, folks.

What on Earth caused this?? How the… HECK does that happen with an empty scene? I’m not only shocked but DISGUSTED. Somebody please make sense of this for me. I’m sharing a screen shot of what happened. This has literally floored me. Keep in mind: the scene is EMPTY.

I cannot be the only person shocked by this. Why does this happen??

Okay, in the build settings in unity, set the Scripting Backend to Mono 2x. Phew. Everything’s back to normal. I really hope the new ll2cpp is not necessary for new apps on ios. I can’t stand it, already.