unity 6 continuous collider issue?

saw this issue in one dev stream:

with 2D continuous collider, using velocity against wall, makes collider go through wall and jump back.

clip, using unity 6 (can see it stutters against wall)

*it doesn't happen in 2022.3.26, so they downgraded back to it after that issue..

all upgrades can suddenly develop random weird results, but without the code its hard to know exactly why, but the fact behaviours change, it could be expected as it resolves another issue or it could be a whole new bug, its not like there arent plenty of them

yup, i saw some 2d physics changed mentioned in release notes (maybe that ccd detection change could be related?)

lets see if anyone else has noticed similar problems…

It sounds like this issue which should be fixed in the 6000.0.3f1 release.

For now, simply set the ContactThreshold to 0 to turn this feature off and it’ll fix the issue. You can restore it to its default of “0.01” later if you wish.

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