Unity a Good Choice for a Simple Cinematic Looking App?

Is Unity3D a good choice for building a simple game like YUMM? I’m very new to game dev, but I’m guessing that YUMM is prerendered with tiny anim sequences cued up for play at key moments. These could be full frame or combination full frame with small overlays for the parts of the anim that actually change.

I know that Unity (Pro) supports video playback, but could you get clips to play in sequence without any hiccups? I’m after that ‘cinematic’ quality of Yumm. I realize I could do something similar with Unity’s real time engine, but really want that pre-rendered look. Thinking of iOS and Android… Thanks!

It might be overkill, especially for mobile. IMHO. But if you want something running soon on both platforms, it would be a way to go (for $4500).