Does anyone know whats going on with Unity Ad's and iOS 10? Is there some sort of patch we can expect anytime between now and before the release of iOS 10?

I've tried running Ads on the most recent iOS 10 beta, and it doesn't work. All the coding is correct. When I run it on iOS 9.X, it works without any problems.

Could someone please clarify when we can expect Unity Ads to work for iOS 10?

So I also just stubbled across something random. In IOS 10, if you turn off "limit ad tracking", Unity Ads start working. However, this isn't really a solution because that would mean anyone who has that feature on, wouldn't allow UnityAds to work properly. I've had ad tracking on, on all my devices prior to iOS 10, and UnityAds has never had problem before.

check this out too @Kiwasi

would @Mantas-Puida have any insight regarding this??

Same here :/

@rasmus-unity Any insight on this?

Fyber confirmed this problem


Hi all,

We're ofc working on official iOS 10 support including limited ad tracking. Will get back when we have more information.


Same here.

I'm using Unity 4.7.2 with Xcode 8 and my Unity ads aren't showing up. Looks like we need a patch. Any ETA on this?


"in case you have to ship your app within couple of next weeks please keep using Xcode 7.3 for that. At the moment it provides smoother experience."

Sorry, think you should revert to Xcode 7.3 for now...


We have a game that was made with Unity 5.3 and XCode 7.3 and as soon as I installed iOS 10, the ads stopped working.
So, your statement about using XCode 7.3 is false. This needs to be fixed now!

I'm a bit crossed now cause i'm about to release a game and i have the same issue.
I'm downloading xcode 7.3.1 now to see if the ads will work again.
But i think the SDK should have been fixed. I'm guessing you had access to the beta versions from a while ago.
Saw no warning about this before.

@rasmus-unity I can tell you now, that Xcode 7.3.1 DOES NOT make the ads work.
Just compiled my game that was working as it should before iOS 10.
And i'm days before releasing something that took close to two years to complete...
Yeah i'm salty right now.

@screenname_taken and @JustDave1961 .... so I originally started this thread and I wanted to share a few things, maybe it will kind of put you at ease until they patch it up lol....so after doing a lot of research, apparently only about 7% of iOS devices have the "limit ad tracking" turned on, in general. It's mostly developers or people in the know. The general public actually has no idea about ad tracking, therefore it's off by default.

Obviously, for anything under iOS 10, unityads won't be an issue, its IOS 10 thats being affected. If that percentage is accurate (which a few sites confirmed), then it shouldn't affect our revenue too much or at all. I'm hoping that the devs at unity will patch this up ASAP though, because I was heavily considering dropping them and adding adcolony instead since it works with iOS 10, but I will give Unity another week.

That's not really reassuring, because the same article that said people don't turn on the ad limit, are also those that might don't do such because they have an adblocker.

How easy is the transition to AdColony?

One of the main reasons I chose Unity Ads specifically is because I thought they'd be on top of issues like this. I hope the patch will be released soon (and compatible with Unity 4.7.x) - luckily I'm about a month or so out from release so I can afford to give Unity a little more time.


Thanks for your input, and you are welcome to keep the discussion going. We'll share any news with you as soon as we have it.


I am using Unity ADs version 2.0.4 , Xcode 8.0

UNITY ADS is not working in my iPad(iOS 10.0.1)
but is working in my iPhone(iOS 8.4)

@onHead : Do you have "limit ad tracking" enabled on your iOS 10 device?

My apps with Unity Ads in the store have stopped generating revenue on iOS10. What's going on?

Opps... Appfigures wasn't updating my sales numbers. I did a refresh and all is well. Sorry...

I can confirm the following:

iOS 10
iPad Air 2 (iOS 10) - Unity Ads work when "limit ad tracking" is Off, Unity Ads do not work when "limit ad tracking" is on
iPad Air (iOS 10) - Unity Ads work when "limit ad tracking" is Off, Unity Ads do not work when "limit ad tracking" is on
iPhone 6 (iOS 10) - Unity Ads work when "limit ad tracking" is Off, Unity Ads do not work when "limit ad tracking" is on

iOS 9.5.3
iPhone 6 (iOS 9.5.3) - Unity Ads work regardless of "limit ad tracking" being on or off
iPad 2 (iOS 9.5.3) - Unity Ads work regardless of "limit ad tracking" being on or off