Unity ads are never ready?

Hey, I’m trying to implement ads into my mobile game, and I’ve followed every tutorial I could find, or every related answer on the forum, but this still doesn’t work- Advertisement.IsReady() always returns false. I tried using Advertisement.IsReady(“rewardedVideo”), Advertisement.IsReady(“Rewarded_Android”), but it still doesn’t work. Please, if anyone knows what’s happening, tell me, because this has been driving me nuts for too long now
Thanks :slight_smile: (also sorry, if i sound a little angry, I’m actually just desperate) .

The Code:

public void Showad(){
if (Advertisement.IsReady(rewardedid)) {
else if(!Advertisement.IsReady(rewardedid)) {
Debug.Log(“rewarded ad not ready at the moment! Please try again later!”);

Are you using Easy Unity Ads asset?

Uh no, I’m just using the Unity Ads package.