Unity Ads crashes on iOS mobile device.

I have a problem with unityAds in the ios mobile device. My project builds well and works perfect in android devices, but when I try to run it in a ios mobile, it crashes when the advertisement should be shown.

This is shown in the output:
“NSInternalInconsistencyException”, reason: “Please move the UnityAds.bundle into the Resource Directory of your Application!”…

I’m not very familiar with xcode, can someone help me?

You need to check following things in Your XCode Project Directory, If they are present or not.

1- UnityAds.framework
2- UnityAdsWrapper.h
3- UnityAdsWrapper.mm
4- UnityAds.bundle

You can search them in search bar located bottom Left corder of Your XCode. As shown in screenshot below.
If you don’t find these files or any file is missing. Simply download it from Google and Drag n Drop it to your XCode Project Directory. Or you can ask me, I will send you these frameworks or bundle.