Unity ads- Is it possible to farm Unity ads?

I’m relatively new to Unity and almost done with my first serious project.

After successfully implementing ads into the game I realised that it would be pretty easy to make a "game" that farms runs ads on a loop. Then adding such "game" on the play store and using that "game" for some passive money generation.
Of course I'm aware that a single phone playing a couple ads every now and then wont generate much, but if this "game" is downloaded on a couple of burner phones (for this example lets say 20) that are constantly running this "game" and plugged on a socket (for battery) couldn't a profit be made?.
And here is my question. How much would such farm produce? does such farm go against any user licence agreement? Has anyone ever tried/done it and why am I here asking this question instead of fixing the path-finding of the AI's in my game?

Well, there are several problems with such a system. Using this ads article as a rough guide, I’ll try to construct a scenario for you.

Say you choose to run 30sec ads for your “game”. 2,880 ads per day per device. If you are getting the low end of the average: $6 eCPM thus $17.28 per day per device. While that sounds like a lot, you need to take into account the battery usage and router traffic costs. But if you are using Dunkin’s power and wifi then that can be bypassed. Thus 20 devices running 24 hrs per day would generate $345.6 per day. (a nice $123,000 salary)

Sounds too good to be true? Probably is. That calculation assumes no electrical bill, no router costs, and most importantly - $6 eCPM. It doesn’t take a human to figure out that 20 devices pulling in 2k+ ads a day probably aren’t getting watched. This could very well drop your eCPM down to a nice $0.

With ads being such a profitable enterprise, AI getting better and better, and site statistics being monitored - I highly doubt this situation would work. This got a bit longer then I thought it would, but I hope it helps you out.